Cuisine des Indies

CuisineI guess Indies restaurants are easier to find when you’re looking because I am running into them everywhere. I try to at least have a look around, have a cup of tea or coffee, and in some cases go looking for a perfect dining experience. Anyone who knows me would likely never describe me as a “foodie” however I have always thought that travelling and eating well go hand in hand, and that does not mean eating expensively. With this in mind I have listed three more restaurants that blew me away with there ambiance, history, and great food. Each one allowed me to learn something new and bolstered the notion that these places need to be shared in the context of a heritage visit. Continue reading


Returning to Indonesia

Next week we head back to Indonesia and continuing with the blog updates that you received last year.  This time though we will be using the blog from our new website at so if you havent already signed up please do so.  All that is required is that you enter your email address in the box located at the bottom right of the page. You will receive a verification email entitled Feedburner Email Subscription. Simply click on the link and you will be all set up.

This is an exciting time for Indo Discovery Travel. We will be leading the East Java Bali Heritage tour and upon completion we will be heading to the island of Sulawesi. Here we will be developing an itinerary that will explore Makassar, Toraja Land, and the surrounding areas.

Thanks to everyone for your support and please keep Indo Discovery Travel in mind when you decide to travel to Indonesia and other parts of Asia.  Our website is full of information you should be aware of prior to travel including visa and health information. You can also buy travel insurance and book your flights through the website.

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Remembering Nico

Ereveld Menteng Pulo

Last year when traveling through Java, one of the things I wanted to do was reflect back on lives lived and lost during the colonial era. Java is home to several cemeteries financially maintained by the Ereveld organization out of the Netherlands. These cemeteries are pristine, peaceful places and for those who have visited them they offer a quiet haven in which to gather your thoughts and understand, just a little better, what it might have been like during that time.

The Ereveld cemeteries are not a place to debate the rights and wrongs of colonial policy, but simply a place to remember those who lived under it. Continue reading

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My new blog is up and running now. I will be traveling back down to Indonesia next month and including you all in the journey. If you could sign up to the new blog my posts will go straight to your inbox.

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Eco-Cycling through Bali’s Rice Fields

A great way to enjoy a day in Ubud is to head and see a side of the island most do not. You can go hiking and you can go biking. I did the latter and it was a great experience. Seeing Bali as it supposed to be seen. Rice fields, forests, mountains, and people who wish you well every step of the way.

On foot or by bike you encounter and experience things you would simply not even register if you zipped by on a motorcycle or in a bus. Read here about a day out biking in Bali’s rural outback.

Indo Discovery Travel’s New Website

Thank you all for following my blog over the last few months. As you know I set up the blog in September in preparation for my journey through Java and Bali. The mission was to develop a heritage tour and have you all along for the journey. I am pleased to let you know that my blog has been read over 5,500 times since its beginning.

Now though, it is time to let you know what’s next. I have been working hard on developing an interactive and informational website. On the site you will be able to Book Tours, Book Flights, Buy Travel Insurance, and check the weather anywhere in the world, as well as get information on vaccines, visas, safety advisories, DEI history, and a lot more.

The official launch of the site will be soon and I look forward to you all checking it out.  

Dont forget to look into the Heritage Tour schedule as several new tours and dates have been added. For full details click here…

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Heritage Tour Departure Dates for 2011

Indo Discovery Travel’s foundation tours depart from Jakarta on April 18th and Yogyakarta on April 27th. These tours will be run on an ongoing basis during 2011. 

The 2011 departure dates are listed below and on the Java and Bali Heritage Tours page so please take a look, decide when you would like to travel, contact us, and make the necessary preparations. The foundation tour is definitely on and we welcome any others who would like to join us.

If these dates do not suit your schedule please keep in mind we are able to customize a trip to your needs. This way you can depart and return when you like, see what you like, and enjoy a your time away…we will take care of all the arrangements.

Jakarta Departures for West Java, West Java and Bali, and Grand Heritage tours:

April 18th
June 19th
July 17th
Sept 5th

Yogyakarta Departures for East Java and Bali Heritage tour:

April 27th (Definite Departure)
June 28th
July 26th
Sept 14th

For full details click here…

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